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(Management to Go) brings senior leadership, real-world experience and practical expertise to small and mid-sized businesses.
Working shoulder-to-shoulder, we expand your leadership and management capabilities reducing the time needed to achieve your goals.

Add value to your company faster

Are you feeling overwhelmed of being unable to achieve your business goals in the expected time frame?


Achieve your goals faster with long term results through our leadership and practical assistance:

 *  Filling and Interim or Fractional Vacancy

*  Managing a Project

*  Succession Planning

*  Resizing Your Company

*  Increasing Business Performance and Strategy

*  Facilitating Transitions of Ownership

*  Update of Processes, Systems and Technology

*  Emergency Crisis Management

Success Stories

A fast paced, growing IT company reached the point in itsbusiness where the complexities of expansion were beginning to cause stress within the organization. Their solution was to bring in a mgmt2go Team Member to lead strategic and business planning, define gaps in process, and to evaluate opportunities. Adding a structured approach and methodology resulted in better-informed decision making and allowed the company to add new business offerings that protected their margins while fitting into a solid business case model.

A company was on the verge of defaulting on the execution of a major $65 million contract which was late, over budget and experiencing technical problems. A mgmt2go team member was brought in to manage the contract. Within 10 months the program was back on schedule with all technical and production issues resolved, with the company receiving new orders.

A residential swimming pool manufacturer had been purchased from the founder by a Private Equity firm. The firm entered CCAA and the mgmt2go team was retained to lead the company out of CCAA and manage it through a very difficult liquidity crisis.

The mgmt2go team assisted with the recruitment of a new permanent leadership team, helped guide the company out of the crisis, then remained just long enough to ensure the new management team was ready to succeed going forward.

A major corporation needed to recruit and train 300 staff within 18 months as part of a plant start-up to manufacture a global life-saving pharmaceutical drug. Leading a small internal team, a mgmt2go Team Member used out-of-the-box thinking and lean sigma techniques to re-engineer the entire recruitment process, reducing time to hire and train staff, while engaging the leadership and creating a new culture. A strategically written recruitment ad produced 30,000 responses. Staff were hired on schedule to launch the new product. The overall quality of candidates was so high that more than 50% were on the talent “watch list” after 12 months.

A mid-sized rural internet provider had stalled in its growth and was losing money every month with staffing costs exceeding revenue flows.  A new CEO was needed to revitalize the sales growth and eliminate the losses.  A mgmt2go team member took over as CEO, with the founders still at the company, restructured the company, eliminated the monthly losses and re-oriented the sales effort, closing 3 large contracts in 6 months.

This family owned firm was seeking to transition to third-generation leadership. The company was suffering from liquidity problems and it was uncertain whether or not the owner’s sons were interested in or capable of assuming leadership of the company. A small mgmt2go team assumed leadership roles with the objective of evaluating strategic options for the company while managing the day-to-day operations amidst very difficult liquidity issues. The team also mentored the owner’s sons while evaluating their interest in and capability of assuming leadership of the company. It was eventually determined that the best strategic option for the company and its owner was to sell the firm. A strategic buyer was located and the firm was sold to the satisfaction of the owner.

An Aerospace & Defence company was engaged in the development and production of simulation and training systems including simulators and e-learning modules primarily for the military. It had experienced a dramatic decline in business volume and profitability and was experiencing a serious liquidity crisis. The mgmt2go team was retained by the Board to lead the restructuring of the company. The team restructured and consolidated the operations and financial structure of the company and ultimately recruited and transitioned the company to a permanent leadership team.

This large family owned company was in the process of transitioning to the next generation’s leadership team. While the company was very successful, all of the next generation’s work experience was with this company. A mgmt2go team member assumed the position of CFO on an interim basis with the mandate of evaluating the needs in the finance department, the overall structure of the company, and mentoring the next generation during the transition.

What Sort Of Expertise Do You Need?

General Management

Got a special project and need temporary expertise you can count on? Need to fill an existing position without disrupting operations until you find a full time replacement? We can help.

Financials & Accounting

Many companies don’t need a full time CFO or Controller. Let us provide your financial and accounting services on a part-time basis to give you the expertise you need at a fraction of the full-time cost.

Human Resources

With the onset of Covid-19 HR expertise has never been more crucial, yet it’s still not a full-time need for most businesses. Let us help you get your policies in place, and help your people adjust to new working environments.

Our Service Area

Based in Kitchener, mgmt2go provides senior leadership to companies within a 100 kilometer radius across southern Ontario, from the western GTA to London along the 401 corridor.

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