Rob Hall

Rob Hall, mgmt2go Principal

Rob brings financing expertise to mgmt2go, having over 30 years experience as a commercial, corporate and agricultural lender in both the chartered bank and credit union world.

At TD, Rob gained experience at various locations in Southern Ontario, Quebec and across Canada, the US, SE Asia and the UK as a lender, manager and credit risk auditor. His exposure to companies, private, government and corporate, borrowing anywhere from $100,000 to $100,000,000 positioned him well to lead his own business unit as a Vice-President, responsible for over $1B in loans served by 60 staff across Ontario.

After almost 25 years with TD Bank, Rob moved on to the private sector in an M&A role with a large private, agri-business where he successfully originated, negotiated and then closed an 8-figure purchase of a complementary company.

His mandate completed, Rob then moved to the Credit Union system, working for both Meridian Credit Union and Desjardins, developing an enterprise risk rating model, building a business presence for Desjardins and personally serving many large commercial clients.

Seeing firsthand how various financial institutions do business, Rob decided it was time to "bridge the gap" between lenders and borrowers. Bankspeak was formed to meet that need.

Working for the client, Bankspeak assists businesses of all sizes and shapes to understand what their banker is saying and then obtain the best deal for them. Whether the business is just starting out, needing to grow, looking for a second opinion or simply need someone to help when things turn sideways, Bankspeak offers solutions to their clients that allow them to grow and thrive.

As Rob says;

"My job is to make your life easy. You have too many more important things to focus on while starting or growing your business. Dealing with your banker shouldn't be one of them. I help structure your finances in such a way that it allows you to meet your goals. I translate what the banker is saying and you only have to tell me once. I can deal with multiple lenders so you don't have to."