Marni McVicar

Marni McVicar, mgmt2go Principal

Marni is a seasoned leader in the development and delivery of technology products with experience in a variety of markets. She can harmonize often competing priorities to deliver incredible, ongoing and tangible business results. Marni uses lean business processes to ensure success for all team members from customers through the organization to its shareholders.

Her expertise in Program Management, New Product Introduction, Product Life Cycle Management, Engineering Management and Operations allows Marni to lead organizations to deliver leading edge solutions to real problems. Marni has been bringing exciting technology solutions to the international market and understands the unique needs that leaving your own backyard brings to the business.

Her background affords the team the unique ability to reduce the technical debt every new product development effort imparts to the design while ensuring on-going delivery. One of her exclusive skills is the ability to turn faltering projects into successes.

Marni has worked in the start up environment growing the team from six (pre-revenue) to over forty (revenue). She has also worked with SME’s and large fortune 500 companies, always bringing the best of all practices to leading teams.

Throughout her career she has successfully managed teams that are technically, geographically and culturally diverse.