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Since 2001, mgmt2go has provided high quality interim management services to companies just like yours throughout Southwestern Ontario. We've developed a solid track record of success in leading companies in a variety of industries through very difficult transitions including: rationalizing for profit, downsizing, repositioning, developing and diversifying for growth.


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With over 400 years of collective management excellence, mgmt2go has the depth to provide highly experienced senior executives to fill critical roles in your organization.

Providing executive experience in these key areas: C-Suite, Financials, Human Resources, IT, Facilitation, Sales, SEO and Content Marketing, Engineering & Operations, Risk Assessment and other specialty areas.



Henrik Noesgaard, Founder and CEO, mgmt2go

Henrik Noesgaard
CEO, COO, Operations, Strategic Planning, Mentoring
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Richard Cantin, mgmtgo Prinicipal

Richard Cantin
CEO with Sales and Marketing Background
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Roman Ciecwierz, mgmt2go Principal

Roman Ciecwierz
CFO, Executive Leadership
Strategic Business Advisor
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Luis Gomez, mgmtgo Prinicipal

Luis Gomes
Senior Level Leadership
Information Technologies
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Rob Hall
Financial Expert, Commercial, Corporate and Agricultural Lending
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Brady Johnson, mgmtgo Prinicipal

Brady Johnson
Digitial Marketing; SEO Content; Inbound Certified
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Marni McVicker, mgmtgo Prinicipal

Marni McVicker
Senior Leadership OPS, Engineering,
Program Management
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Frank Newman, mgmtgo Prinicipal

Frank Newman
Human Resources Leader, Increase Business Performance
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John Peacock, mgmtgo Prinicipal

John Peacock
Senior Level Leadership
Information Technologies
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Greg Schott, mgmtgo Prinicipal

Greg Schott
Facilitation and Change Management
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Ted Sehl, mgmt2go Principal

Ted Sehl
Board Governance, Financial Leadership, Strategy
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