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Expertise As You Need It

 mgmt2go is based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario – Canada's hub for high technology and innovation industries. We provide interim and fractional management, mentoring and strategic assessments for small to medium-sized businesses within an 80 km radius, including London, Paris, Cambridge, Guelph, Milton, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and the GTA.

What We Do

Our expert experienced executives help you through business challenges when you don't have the time or the people to succeed on your own. We join your team – on an interim basis – to help you get past your challenges while equipping your team to succeed after we're gone.

Our core services include but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • Helping you identify shortcomings and modifying key business functions to improve performance and profitability
  • Providing added experience to facilitate expansion or to take on projects and opportunities outside your current comfort zone
  • Providing interim executive support to maintain operations after the loss of a key employee and to facilitate integration of the new executive
  • Review, development and implementation of succession plans providing interim or fractional management as needed
  • Mentoring for brilliant but less experienced executives who would benefit from instant access to a bank of management experience


We maintain strictest confidentiality in all of our interactions with you, starting with our FREE consultation service through to completion of a project and beyond.

 The mgmt2go ADVANTAGE

By gaining the experience and collective resources of our entire team you can expect:

  • Success without losing control or equity in your business
  • Expertise that impacts quickly and with minimal ramp-up time
  • Long term results without a long term commitment – We equip you to succeed without us

Why Choose mgmt2go?

When looking to obtain interim or fractional management it is vital to find an interim executive who is experienced with your industry and your particular problem in order to optimize the selection and minimize ramp-up requirements.

The depth of our talent pool almost assures that we have someone suitable for you, but there is no need to involve any guesswork about it. Just call us for a free, confidential consultation. Let us help you determine what you need, who you need, and how we can most efficiently assist you to realize your goals.

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Got a problem that's out wrestling you? Need to fill a vacancy, chase an opportunity, or plan your business succession? Take advantage of our FREE consultation service. No obligation. No Cost. No reason to not to!




Providing A Diverse Range Of Talent With A Proven Track Record

mgmt2go - Expertise As You Need It



Since 2001 mgmt2go has filled its mandate to provide high quality interim and fractional management services to companies just like yours across Southwestern Ontario. These successes have involved leading companies in a variety of industries through a range of transitions including rationalizing for profit, downsizing, re-positioning, and developing and diversifying for growth – to name a few.

We are proud of this track record, and confident that we can provide the expertise you need to fill critical roles in your organization when you need it – until you don't.

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